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Regulatory services

Aura research Services has expertise and experience to provide a full range of regulatory affair solutions and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality support, helping your company to gain speedy approvals for your medicine pipeline in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Aura Research Services

Portfolio and Fund Management Services

How often have you wished your wealth was managed for you to grow abundantly while you sat back and enjoyed the benefits? Well, at AURA, wishes do come true! With our capable and trustworthy Portfolio Management Services you can experience proficiency, talent and expertise all of which allow us to bring out the best in your portfolio of investments.

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Education training

  • Provides basic education and counseling to young talents to select a dynamic career through our training /counseling centers.

  • Provides basic education to students to become future intellectuals in the society by Aura School in Shri Ganga Nagar, Rajasthan.


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Event Management

  • Our quality service includes all kinds of seminars, workshops, corporate meetings, product launch etc.

  • Our event management team executes everything after discussing with client requirements in making a successful presentation for our clients.


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Executive search & placement

  • Company invests in its search engine with 3 full time analysts mapping by therapeutic area, experience, location etc This facilitates customized resourcing with high degree of flexibility. They are in ongoing dialogue with Over 5000 employee in different fields like IT, Healthcare, Finance etc.


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Pharmaceutical - Regulatory Consulting, Trade & Outsourcing

Aura Research is set of experts offering continuous services and solutions to build sustainable businesses

Our research experts are believe in deliverables with consistent quality in each domain they function.

  • Mission

  • To be a significant leader and solution provider in integrated functional resourcing across the different business operations from India. Leadership in Pharmaceutical regulatory services, Portfolio and Fund Management advisory services, education and training, placement, Knowledge Outsourcing services to stakeholders.

  • Core Values and Approach

The core values are creative and consistent quality in business process and delivery. We have a straightforward business approach to help our clients, get their product to market faster by identifying and building productive resource teams, and building strong relationships that are built with business and scientific community in which they operate.

Our Leadership Team has expertise in successful delivery in various domain knowledge and business process Outsourcing for providing end to end quality oriented services to our offshore clients.

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